Sign On to Urge the New Congress and Administration to Support the Housing Credit

With undivided Republican control in Washington, the likelihood of the next Administration and Congress advancing legislation that could impact the Housing Credit has increased substantially.  Specifically, Congressional Leaders and President-elect Trump have all said that tax reform will be a priority for them in 2017.  Many members of Congress and the President-elect have also stated support for infrastructure legislation, which may move on its own or as part of tax reform.  These present the potential for threats to the Housing Credit and Housing Bonds as well as the chance to advance ACTION’s Housing Credit priorities.  Read more about the legislative landscape for the Housing Credit in 2017.

The ACTION Campaign is calling on the Trump Administration and Congress to prioritize the Housing Credit as they consider reforms to the nation’s tax code and investments in the nation’s infrastructure. Specifically, we are calling on the Administration and Congress to:

  1. Ensure that the Housing Credit and Housing Bonds are held up as positive examples of the power of the tax code to improve communities by maintaining their viability under tax reform, and
  2. Expand and strengthen the Housing Credit to increase the availability of safe and affordable housing and revitalize local economies.

Read the letter and sign on. The deadline for signing on to the letter is Friday, December 2. 

All existing ACTION Campaign members will be included in the letter, so if you are already an ACTION Campaign member you do NOT need to sign on. However, we encourage you to share the letter with your networks to help us show broad support for the Housing Credit. 

If you have any questions or want to remove your organization from the letter, contact Emily Cadik at before the December 2 deadline.