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Advocating for the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act

Help the ACTION Campaign build bipartisan cosponsorship for the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act to expand and strengthen the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. We created an advocacy toolkit, including fact sheets with national, state, and district level data; explainer videos on each AHCIA provision; email templates, messaging points and more. 


The ACTION Campaign is a coalition of over 2,400 national, state, and local organizations and businesses. We work to address our nation’s severe shortage of affordable rental housing by protecting, expanding, and strengthening the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit.

America’s Affordable Housing Needs are Vast and Growing

10.5 million renter households
nationwide pay more than half of their monthly income on rent, leaving too little for other expenses like health care,
transportation, and nutritious food

In order to afford a one-bedroom apartment at the national average fair market rent, a minimum wage worker has to work
79 hours per week

The Housing Credit is a Proven Tool to Address the Shortage

The Housing Credit is our nation’s most successful tool for encouraging private investment in affordable rental housing. Benefitting low-income families and individuals since 1986 it is responsible for:

3.6 million
homes developed or preserved

8 million
low-income households served

ACTION Advocacy Toolkit

Your voice matters! Get educational resources to prepare for meetings and to share with elected officials so you can advocate for the Housing Credit to help address our nation’s severe shortage of affordable rental housing. Our advocacy toolkit provides you with messaging, social media guidelines, information on your elected officials and more.

Learn more about the impact of the Housing Credit across all US states and territories.

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Join over 2,400 organizations working to address our nation’s severe shortage of affordable rental housing.

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