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The ACTION Campaign needs you to share your Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) story! ACTION is calling on its members to submit short video clips by Monday, August 30, demonstrating how the Housing Credit allows you to do the work you do and impacts your community and the people you serve. These short clips (two minutes or less) will help connect the real-life impact of the Housing Credit and the need for Congress to strengthen and expand the Housing Credit through the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act.

We encourage tenants, housing developers, landlords, property managers, public housing authority representatives, mayors and other public officials, service providers, affordable housing advocates, members of the business community, and any other stakeholders who can speak to the power of affordable housing built or preserved by the Housing Credit to participate.

How it Works

To demonstrate a full spectrum of the impact of the Housing Credit on communities and low-income people, we are asking for submissions in the six categories listed below. The videos should clearly mention the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and the positive impact it has had in your community or life. Videos should be between 30 seconds and two minutes in length.

To make things fun, the first video submitted under each of the six categories below will receive a $100 eVisa Gift! The second video submitted under each category will receive a $50 eVisa Gift Card. The videos must clearly mention the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and the positive impact it has had in your community or life to be eligible.

  1. Housing Credit Properties in Your Community. Examples of successful Housing Credit projects in your area. Please be sure to describe any positive ripple effects from this housing (economic or local business growth, improved sense of community, more educational advancement for families, etc.).

  2. The Need for Additional Affordable Housing. The affordable rental housing needs in your area, specifically for vulnerable or hard-to-reach communities; and/or the need for additional Housing Credit allocation and why Congress must pass the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act to expand and strengthen this important resource for communities and families.

  3. The Housing Credit and COVID-19. How the Housing Credit program is helping families through the challenges of COVID-19. For example, by providing a stable and affordable home where families could safely socially distance or work and go to school virtually. Real-life, local stories are key!

  4. The Housing Credit and Job Creation. How the Housing Credit stimulates the economy and helps create jobs in your community. This includes jobs in the construction and preservation of housing, but it also is very important to demonstrate how safe, affordable, and decent housing allows residents to access jobs.

  5. What Affordable Housing Means to You (Tenant specific category). How living in a home that was financed by the Housing Credit helps you afford your rent and other needs, including health, education, groceries; and/or how living in a Housing Credit home provides stability, safety, and opportunities for you and your family.

  6. Enhancing the Housing Credit through the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act. Describe how and why any one of the specific provisions of the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (e.g., increasing the Housing Credit allocation, lowering the bond financing threshold from 50 to 25 percent, streamlining income averaging, simplifying the student rule, clarifying the general public rule for veterans, extending the rebuilding period after natural disasters, etc.) is particularly important to you.


Please submit your testimonials by Monday, August 30. You can record or upload your Housing Credit story conveniently on Flipgrid using your laptop or mobile device. When recording, don’t forget to mention your support for the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act and please don’t hesitate to contact Krista D’Alessandro at with any questions or for additional support preparing your recording

Click here to get started, and find additional instructions below:

  1. To access the ACTION Housing Credit Stories page, click the “Enter your guest password” link and enter ACTION2021. (If using the Flipgrid app on your mobile device, first enter the join code c60dd0dd).

  2. Once you’ve reached the recording page, click the red “Record a Response” button. Select the shutter button to begin recording (Flipgrid allows you to retake your video as many times as you would like). Alternatively, you can upload your own clip by selecting “options” and then “Upload clip.”

Note: All submitted videos will be for ACTION’s use. ACTION will share these videos widely, both on our website and with members of Congress, to support advocacy for the AHCIA. ACTION has the right to use any video provided at its discretion.

Additional Video Tips

  • Avoid using acronyms and industry jargon. For example, please use “Low-Income Housing Tax Credit” or “Housing Credit” versus “LIHTC.”

  • Pick a video location/background that connects to your message. For example, shoot your video in front of a Housing Credit property if feasible.

  • Plan what you will say in advance to be sure you hit all of the points you want to make.

  • Be sure to explain the why—why is this investment needed, why should Congress strengthen and expand the program?

  • Be creative on format, consider doing the video as an interview, with three questions that demonstrate the local, personal impact of the Housing Credit.

  • Check out our National, State, and Congressional District Fact Sheets to learn more about the Housing Credit’s local impact where you live.

Thank you for supporting the ACTION Campaign by sharing your Housing Credit stories!

Krista D'Alessandro is the senior tax policy analyst at Enterprise Community Partners. The ACTION Campaign is co-chaired by Enterprise and the National Council of State Housing Agencies.

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